4 Mormon Traditions to Keep

Some of the cultural traditions of Mormonism can be implemented into the Christian faith without violating Biblical principle, like Monday being family time or bringing treats or gifts to a congregation member that you haven’t seen in church for a while. If you are a Mormon on the verge of leaving, I encourage you to take what is good and Biblical and implement that in your new church family. Here are four Mormon traditions:

  1. Monday Family Time: Your family time doesn’t have to be on Mondays, but it can be on a day you designate where everyone makes plans to stay home. No group meetings. No work. No dates. Make a fancy dinner and eat at the table together. Get out the WII or board games. Serve junk food before and after dinner.
  2. Visiting: In the Christian faith, it is common for members of the congregation to visit the home-bound on Sundays. Some ministries give quilts to those who just had babies or are sick. Others start a meal train. In Mormon culture, a list of people who haven’t attended church in a while get a visit or two in the form of someone bearing edible treats or a gift to say, “We miss you.” As a new Christian in a new church, talk to your pastor about getting a list like that so you can help that church create warm connections within your community.
  3. Teaching Sunday School or Church: Mormons take turns teaching lessons in their Sunday Schools or during service. Christians have the ability to teach Sunday School or small groups. Start a small group or get involved in the Sunday School for either adults or children.
  4. Missionary Visits or Teacher Visits: Teachers and Missionaries usually just stop over without calling in the Mormon tradition. Christian churches have visiting missionaries in and around the area. Contact your new church for information on the missionaries they support so you can invite a missionary to visit with your family to learn more about what they do in their area or country. Also, you can invite a Sunday School teacher or pastor of your new church to dinner at your home to learn more about them.


Mormons are known for their good food, strong families, and united church. Christians have much of those, too, in their congregations. My Bible study on Acts 15 taught me about this.

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