What is Moral Relativism?

Our office has lots of text books. S.M. and I love to read. So for this post, I found this chart in one of them that clearly defines “moral relativism.”

Moral Relativism believes that the final authority doesn’t rest on God, but on individuals. The purpose of scripture isn’t to be obeyed, but to be taken as advice. And further, if you believe in Moral Relativism, the Bible is not your source of moral instruction, but community, and whatever they believe, become your source of moral instruction.

In other words, individuals with mind-numbing degrees become your final authority. They tell you what to think and how to act. Community heavily influences your thinking regarding moral actions. So if a large organization tells you something, you believe it. You ignore all other sources and turn a blind eye on the warning signs.

My friend always says, “If you believe something is true, you shouldn’t be afraid to face the opposition. Biases exist in everything. Some are more subtle. Look at both sides of an argument and you’ll see the truth in between.”

She believes the Bible is true and isn’t afraid of the questions.

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