The Ladies Potluck

The ladies potluck is on Saturday. Adrianna is on the decorating committee along with two other ladies. It’s nice to attend a church where generations of women come together–mothers, daughters, grandmothers, teen girls, sisters, and aunts. 

Not all churches are like that though. That’s what my friend tells me. She’s spent years crawling through numerous blogs, defending church, and trying to show a positive face to it. Whenever she has read a disturbingly negative blog post, she sends me an email saying: “Accountability needs to go back into the churches, not blabbed on a blog post, or the one or two people’s bad behavior being blamed on the whole church!”

It makes me think of Matthew 18:15-17. This verse tells how to deal with sin in the church. Fancy that, it doesn’t say to blog about it. 

Right now, the topic of church is everywhere online. It’s interesting.

Some use negativity to try to draw in the unbeliever. In my opinion, that’s a mistake.

So much is missed when the negative is all that a person sees. Plus, I’ve seen how one negative comment draws in more stories of similar negative experiences. Like a tornado, it draws in more junk, swirling through the fellowship and turning it to ruins. All that’s left are sticks and rubble with the good buried somewhere beneath it. 

I know hurt and unrest exist out there and church is in the middle of a change. The one thing that I read which hits as true is how the generation they call ‘Millennials’ are seeking community. 

I get it. 

My friend gets it. She’s been trying to find community in her church for years. My church on the other hand is great. I am looking forward to the ladies potluck and I am hoping Mari, the new woman is there, too.

Maybe I can make up for the hot dog comment from that last Sunday, and invite her to that soup and salad place in town. 

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