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S.M. suggested I share this with you:

Mormonism’s founder, Joseph Smith, said of Doctrine and Covenants, Section 133, “At this time there were many things which the Elders desired to know relative to preaching the Gospel to the inhabitants of the earth, and concerning the gathering; and in order to walk by the true light, and be instructed from on high, on the 3rd of November, 1831, I inquired of the Lord and received the following revelation.” That is part of the current introduction to D. & C. 133. Smith called the content in D. & C. 133 a revelation, but unlike his other revelations it was put in the Appendix and labeled “Section C” (100) in the first edition of the D. & C. in 1835. It remained in the Appendix until 1921 when it was moved into the main part of the D. & C. and became D. & C. Sec. 133. Many LDS lived and died during the 90 years between 1831 and 1921 while it was in the Appendix and didn’t have the same status that Smith’s other revelations had in the main part of the D. & C. Smith died in 1844, which was 77 years before 1921, so he didn’t move it from the Appendix to the main part of the D. & C. If it really was a revelation why was it put in the Appendix in the first place? Smith “received” this document in 1831, so why did LDS wait 90 years to give it equal status with Smith’s other revelations? Did God change His mind about it or did some man decide to move it? READ MORE

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