Wrapping Presents #Mormons

My other friends from church are posting on Facebook how busy they are, and some are getting grouchy. I noticed my Mormon neighbors are almost never home, especially now. I’m wrapping presents in front of Hallmark Christmas movies that I recorded and saved for a time like this.

None of my gifts are expensive. Do you know the secret of good gift giving?


The secret is in watching everyone else post all year on Facebook their likes and dislikes, their favorite restaurants, and books and movies. Then, when Christmas arrives, I know exactly what to get them! I never have to ask anyone  or them. It’s all about paying attention to people you care about, and making mental or physical notes so you don’t forget when Christmas comes around.

When Christmas comes around, that’s when I go shopping. And wrapping the gifts become a pleasure that I enjoy with a cup of warm eggnog and a good Christmas movie. Nothing like beginning and ending the Christmas season in a gentle, unhurried pace. I mean to enjoy Christmas, but that takes a bit of discipline and boundaries.

So, friend, I understand family pressures to go to every party this month. The secret is not in saying no for the sake of saying no, but in choosing wisely how many get-togethers you do, saying no in a loving way, and withstanding the anger from them as the anger won’t last long. Setting healthy  boundaries is good for your marriage. It’s good for you. But because I try to make Christmas special for each of them, forgiveness comes.

Of course, it does help that we live two hours away from family.

So enjoy this Christmas. Take your time. REST.

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