Christmas Everyday

It’s the evening after Christmas. I’ve spent all day throwing away wrapping paper, empty boxes, and S.M. took the lights off the house. The lonely glow of the Christmas tree remains as the last of our favorite time of month. S.M. is sitting in his favorite easy chair and I am on the couch.

“Christmas is the only time of year when our instant society buys gifts ahead of time only to make their friends and family members wait until Christmas Day to open them.” I speak my thoughts out loud.

S.M. says to me, “If people could just apply this rule to finances, then nobody would be in debt.”

“How so?” I ask.

S.M. leans deeply against the easy chair. “We wait a whole month to open our Christmas presents. Why not wait the time it takes to save the cash and buy something without a credit card?”

“Delayed gratification. I’ve heard that somewhere.” I say as I level my eyes at the lights twinkling on the tree. “Most people hate waiting.”

I hear him chuckle, and we drift in comfortable silence as the evening wanes. I continue the thought in my head:

Count the moments when you’ve had to wait for something, and see God’s footprints in the waiting; see how you grew in between the conceived want or idea to the day when it came true or when you were able to buy it. Waiting for something like Christmas presents only makes everything more exciting.

After all the presents are unwrapped, the gift wrap litters the floor, and everyone is busy playing with their new toys, I often wish I could re-wrap the presents and start over again. Christmas takes so long to get here and has so much anticipation that when it is here I want to do it again. And again, like the ‘Groundhog Day’ movie.

That’s the joy of Christmas. We can do it again. We can keep the lessons of Christmas in our hearts every day from delaying gratification in our finances to our giving habits.

“Let’s do it again.” I say as I twist the afghan around me.

S.M. smiles at me from across the room. His eyelids are heavy. It’s growing late and the magic of Christmas is already fading, but not from my heart; never from my heart. That light is from Christ and it is firmly nestled deep in my soul.

And the light shines in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not. – John 1:5

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