What’s With The Drinking Games?

It’s midnight.

S.M. is on his second beer. I am still on my first glass of wine. I sent a message to my techno friend, but I know she is in bed. Sam joined us. He likes New Year’s Eve, but he also understands our rules.

No drunkenness.

When Sam protested the first time, I pointed out the verses in the Bible. He even dared to call me a “Jack Mormon.” I corrected him by saying, “I’m not a Mormon at all.” I know he’s kidding. Sam likes to tease especially if he’s had one or two beers. Sam has lots of friends who like to play drinking games, and I don’t understand that at all. Some of them even claim to be Christian. That’s what I have the most trouble with is people who say they are part of the family of God and drink irresponsibly.

Is it wrong for me to equate living as honorably as possible with following God?

I wonder if people have a hidden desire to be crazy or to want to lose control? Sam likes to post pictures of his parties on Facebook. I wonder if he’ll ever regret those pictures. I mean, they aren’t obscene in that sense, but on moral high ground, it’s obscene. Drinking games are obscene.

Weird. I think of strange things at midnight.

My thoughts are interrupted as S.M. announces a toast. My other friends surround us, all yelling out toasts with their combinations of sparkling cider, champagne, beer, and coffee. I study their drink choices. It is reflective of their personalities. They go to my church, except for Sam, of course.  Some are staying the night tonight. Some are driving home after midnight. Some don’t believe in drinking (but they aren’t Mormon).

Yes, my Mormon friends, half of all Christians believe they honor God by abstaining from wine or beer. Some even believe it is wrong. The other half believe, as I do, that the Bible only says not to get drunk. You can be a believer, attending a Christian church, and choose to honor God by carrying over your Mormon belief of not drinking wine or beer or hard liquor.

I, on the other hand, choose to enjoy a glass of wine. But if you were coming over to my house and found it offensive, both S.M. and I would choose sparkling cider.

Tonight is a mixed group. We have been friends for a while.

After I swallow my last bit of red, I can’t help but think of New Year’s resolutions. I have to lose weight this year. A glass of red wine is over 300 calories.

If that is the case, I think, then I will cut down my glass to half.

That should only be 250 calories.

I look at the bottle on the counter.

No seconds.

Happy New Year, friends!

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