Monday Morning Refreshment #BanMondays

Well, the holidays are over.

Life is back to normal (whatever normal might look like). In an hour or two, I will walk into work and face another long day. My friend likes to say, “We should just ban Mondays.” Then, she would laugh. “Of course, Tuesdays would then become Mondays. We can’t escape Mondays. Ever.”

I just went over to her Facebook and she has posted another Monday Garfield comic. She expresses herself so well. A comic. A picture. A short statement. People have mentioned to her how much they like her posts. I hope I can make this place, in my own way, like that where people want to talk to me and share in my struggles and successes; and I, too, share in your struggles and celebrate your successes.

While I’m waiting for the tea kettle to whistle, I thought I’d quickly share some links I found over the weekend. Let’s not get into theology so early in the week. I promise I will talk more about Mormonism, but for today, let’s ease into our work day through the grace of God.


Where is God? Does he inhabit only the sanctuaries and monasteries and seminaries of the earth? Or, is God with you in your cubicle, your classroom, your kitchen, your conference call? What about the carpool lane? And if God is there with you, what does that mean? Join us for this series, God at Work, where we explore what it means that God is not only at work in you, but also, quite literally, with you. It may be difficult to see the Kingdom of God through the deadlines and reports and meetings and evaluations and budgets, but be encouraged: he is there. Together, let’s find him in the ordinary places you work, and let’s consider how his presence makes a difference for good. READ MORE




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