Bible Evidence

I’m working on a “Mormon Definition” article right now, but I wanted to post a link today. Even though I am a believer and I know by faith that God exists, it makes me smile when posts like the one that I am sharing with you show up on my Facebook feed. I hope you enjoy them, too.

Meanwhile, my friend, I hope you are looking deeper into your belief in God. An emotion-based belief won’t get you through the tough times. Belief in the Bible only will grow you closer to God. Invite the Holy Spirit to open your heart to what the Word says and be open to it even when God disagrees with you.

And God will disagree with you.

I know…crazy, huh? We walk every day among other people carrying an ideal image of who we think we are, but God sees the reality and loves us anyway.

However, we know that a person isn’t made righteous by the works of the Law but rather through the faithfulness of Jesus Christ. We ourselves believed in Christ Jesus so that we could be made righteous by the faithfulness of Christ and not by the works of the Law—because no one will be made righteous by the works of the Law. – Galatians 2:16


  • Tour Showcases Remains of Herod’s Palace: “Visitors to Jerusalem’s Old City can now explore remains of King Herod’s palace, which may be where Roman governor Pontius Pilate tried and condemned Jesus of Nazareth to death. Excavating from 1999–2000 underneath an abandoned Ottoman-period prison known as the Kishle—which is part of the so-called Tower of David complex—Israel Antiquities Authority archaeologist Amit Re’em uncovered the foundation walls and sewage system of Herod’s Jerusalem palace. Tours offered through the Tower of David Museum will showcase these finds.” READ MORE


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