Lagging Behind

The rain is falling outside. S.M. is getting ready for bed. I am still in the living room. My green chai tea has gone cold. We had just finished watching a documentary, but it’s too early to go to bed.

I know I should get into the new Bible Study, but I’m too distracted. Bible Studies are a great way to work on the discipline of quiet time with God.

Think of it.

Your Bible Study leader requires you to read two chapters a week of a book that’s been chosen; a book that helps you to better understand the Bible. Every week you have this requirement, and most of the time it works.

Except the last study.

I fell behind, but I’m determined to finish it, and because it is a Christmas book, probably keep it for rereading during Christmas time. What better way to enjoy the season than to study scripture about the birth of Christ? This time we’re doing a different study, and we start on Wednesday.

But the rain is falling and I am weary. I stayed up too late last night and I work tomorrow. But these moments when the world is far away and the rain is falling and music plays softly in the background…I treasure them.

Even more so, I feel as if God is right here.

Jesus died and rose again. The veil ripped in half. Nothing between us to keep us from reading God’s Word or talking directly to Him now. We are in a relationship with him.

Isn’t that amazing?



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