Mormon Definitions: What is The Book of Mormon?

In 2014, three returned LDS missionaries set out to create a video that would answer the question, “What is the Book of Mormon?” Fulfilling their promised to their nearly 19,000 followers on Facebook, they released the finished product on New Year’s Day. READ MORE

Someone emailed me the link to this story. So I sat down and watched it, wincing at the same time. Naturally, every person who does a video has an agenda. Anyone with an intelligent answer would probably have been deleted. But it makes an unintended point.

What do you know about the Book of Mormon? How, as a Christian, would you have answered these three Mormon missionaries? Did you know this project has 19,000 followers? Are you prepared to answer for your faith? See the video below to see the project for yourself.

Some fallacies of this I will answer:

“The book of Mormon and Bible support each other”

Answer: FALSE


Someone might claim a revelation has come from God, but if that “revelation” contradicts what God has said before then the “revelation” is false, it is not from God. This is true of the Book of Mormon (and the other Mormon texts): they contradict the Bible so they are not from God. READ MORE

The Book of Mormon contains numerous passages that contradict what the Bible says. The following examples are conspicuous instances of such contradictions. READ MORE

Any religious writing that claims divine inspiration or authority equal to the Bible can’t be from God if it has any contradictions: contradictions with the Bible, contradictions within itself, or contradictions with reality.READ MORE

Did Jesus visit the Americas?

Answer: Not Likely


Mormons sometimes claim that South American ruins supposedly contain proof that Jesus visited this continent. This is simply not true and I encourage those confronted with these claims to find any evidence from non-Mormon archaeologists. READ MORE

The Gold Plates Joseph Smith Translated

Answer: Don’t Exist, But They Have A Nice Historical Site There.


One might ask, if the plates really lie hidden in the Hill Cumorah, why not excavate it and prove to the world once and for all that the story of the gold plates was not the result of Joseph Smith’s fertile imagination? READ MORE


I will leave you with a final word: Faith is not without reason. So I found this article interesting:

The food and dress mentioned in the Book of Mormon pose a problem, The grains such as wheat and barley were not known in the pre-Columbian America. They were brought over in the early 1500’s by the Spaniards and other explorers.8 The linens and silks mentioned were not in existence on this side of the world. England tried to introduce silk production into the Colonies in the 1600’s and 1700’s and failed. The Book of Mormon fails to mention the types of cloth that have been found. Cotton was woven into an exceptionally fine cloth. There were clothes made of bark fibers, rabbit hair, and even woven bird feathers. There is no mention of any of these in the Book of Mormon.9

What is exciting is how much archeological evidence supports the Bible! Numerous resources exist for the Bible. While faith doesn’t need proof, God gave us some answers. I urge you to explore the late Dr. Ron Carlson’s site and Answers in Genesis.

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