Adrianna’s Sister

Adrianna approached me after church. “Sorry, I was in such a bad mood the other Sunday.”

I gave her a hug and said, “I have my bad days, too.”

We stood outside the church doors. People were streaming out, stopping to talk to others, and cars were backing out of parking places. The temperatures were warm. Adrianna shifted as she stood and frowned.

She said, “My sister posted an article on Facebook. I didn’t read the article, but I read the comments. Those always interest me more, especially since the article in question was on social justice.”

How I hate the word, social justice, I thought, but smiled anyway. Adrianna continued:

“This person said something about Christians not doing anything for anyone.”

“A common misconception.” I said.

“Yes, but why?” Adrianna shook her head. “Mary-Ann devotes countless hours to helping at the local food bank. Graham visits the seniors at the home and plays his guitar for them. How many organizations out there exist that are Christian owned that help others?”

“People read only what will agree with their opinion. Some, I think, would like to think that Christians don’t do anything for people. That we are some cold, hard hearted people more interested in our hymns and our pews than the people.” I felt myself getting warmed up for my speech.

S.M. saved me. He walked up and tapped me on the shoulder. “Time to go, dear.”

Adrianna gave me a hug. “I’ll see you next week.”

I hugged her in return and turned to walk with S.M. to our car. “You have uncanny timing.”

S.M. grinned as he pressed the key fob. Our car lights blinked. “I know you too well.”

True, I thought, as I got into the car. I would have talked about the misconceptions about the Christian church til the pastor locked the doors and went home. The homeless and the poverty-stricken are complex issues, and they don’t have a one-size-fits-all solution. Maybe that’s why God made some discerning people to work with the poverty-stricken and homeless and some, like me, to write here?

Public perception is important. Some people would say, it’s only important for God to know what people are doing for Him.

Maybe so.

But from an evangelistic point of view, I submit that the online world has made public perception and reputation important, and Christian leaders need to be aware of this. I’ve always said that if all people hear about is that church is bad, why would they even consider going to church, especially since many think going to church and being a Christian are one and the same?

S.M. pulled into the driveway and waved at our neighbor. I got out and walked into the house. I was so ready to get out of my panty hose. I bought those kind that claim they make you feel and look skinny. In reality, you feel like you are wearing a corset, and getting out of them is rather comical. First, I checked Adrianna’s Facebook page. I had to scroll back a bit, and noticed that she shared her sister’s article with a comment:

“Before you comment on something you know nothing about, get to know the people who help in your community.”


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