My New Bible Study

“We can get caught in the same performance trap, feeling as though we must prove our love for God by doing great things for him. So we rush past the intimacy of the Living Room to get busy for him in the kitchen–implementing great ministries and wonderful projects.” Pg. 9, Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World

I felt like I should be doing something today. S.M. sat on the couch with the football game on. He was on his tablet. The sunlight was warm on my back and I have the afghan wrapped around my body while a cup of tea sat nearby. I’m sort of doing something today–I’m sharing from my new Bible Study. It started last Wednesday.

The above quote caught my attention, and I couldn’t help but think of my busy Mormon neighbors, my family, and how no one around here enjoys a quiet afternoon, sitting in Jesus’ presence. I’m between a Mary and Martha. I could be busy–a whirling dervish in fact–always thinking of ministries and projects. The creative mind doesn’t rest, you know.

Joanna Weaver said, “While the world applauds achievement, God desires companionship.”

I sip my tea, soak in the warm sun flowing unbroken from my window, and wiggle my toes in the wool socks on my feet. These are the moments I love. Georgia was somewhere napping. She popped out for a moment to grind her face against the refrigerator as if she might get another taste of milk. Having been unsuccessful, Georgia slipped back to the bedroom where it was dark and quiet.

Today I am a Mary, nestling at the feet of Jesus, and reading my Bible Study. After all, I have four chapters to read before Wednesday.

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