Sensory Experience #Mormon

The lady handed S.M. and I a sheet of paper and directed us to three rooms. It was a prayer experience using pictures and music with scripture to direct us through three symbolic places: Orientation, Disorientation, and Reorientation.

The first room, Orientation, had Psalm 8:1, Psalm 33:20-21, and Psalm 119:10, explaining: “The Psalmists express awe at the majesty and power of God and desire to praise Him. Do any of the pieces resonate with you?”

S.M., who isn’t really into this kind of fancy praying, seemed to get really into it and go a lot slower than me. I focused on the picture of an African’s young foot. His skin contrasted with the bright blue cup that poured water over his feet. In case you are unfamiliar, this photo is in reference to John 13:1-20.

Washing feet.

Serving others.

Yes. This.

That was orientation when we are new believers, excited, and ready for anything.

The second room had a darker theme: disorientation. Pictures of misted pathways, broken bridges, and crushed petals of a rose filled this place. A sketch of a fist on the wall said it all.

Hands closed.




The third room was reorientation which is where I am. It’s where the light is the brightest. Because after you’ve walked through the dark or down a misty path, suddenly the sun rise nearly blinds you. Joy is abundant in this area. You can see joy even in the mundane, like making dinner or when the “have-to” parts of the to-do list needs to be done and there are no more days you can procrastinate. You know that everything is possible through Christ, and you know in truth you need not do anything to earn His love.

Simply being in His presence is what He loves.

Simply being in His Word is sufficient.

All the other things that come from belief are natural reactions to a deep and abiding love we have for Christ.

So where are you today?

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