Patches of Sunlight

The days have blessed us with warm weather. Even the small spiders are creeping out of the corners and cracks. S.M. leaves the front door open more often (with the screen closed), and Georgia finds no end to her enjoyment. She picks a patch of sunlight that spills out over the carpet and bathes in it. She stretches her body across the carpet to get the most out of the light.

Other days, Georgia perches on the chair by the window and watches the birds fly from roof top to roof top, or watches the bugs hover over the weeds. I love how she creates a picture of contentment and peace. Out of such a busy few weeks, I find myself pausing to watch her as she finds joy in small things.

In the midst of busy life, why don’t we locate our patch of sunlight and get as much as possible from it? Stretch those limbs beneath the warmth and soak it in while you have a moment or two. Cats are God’s little examples of taking enjoyment from life even from such simple things as a patch of sunlight.

I’ll be back by the end of the week with so much to tell you. I’ve been keeping notes just for you.

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