You Should Be On Facebook

“You should be on Facebook.” My friend said.

We were downtown, sitting around the table with the checkerboard painted on top. The weather blessed us with 70 degree weather. S.M. was at work. I didn’t have to work that day. My tea steamed from a spring-green mug. My friend chose a latte.

“I am on Facebook.” I smiled as I said this.

“But your readers…it’s an awesome place to meet new friends.” My friend knew my desire for privacy. “You could open up a ‘Sister Sarah’ site. No personal details need to be revealed.”

“None?” I squirmed a little in my seat, and my friend looked amused. “I am already on Twitter and WordPress. It’s like I just stepped into quicksand and you keep pressing me deeper.”

“It’s just one more.” My friend put her hands together and a smile widened across her face. “Please? You have such potential.”

I rolled my eyes and frowned at my friend. “Fine.”

That’s what I’ve been doing all morning. First, Facebook wanted my mobile phone number. They weren’t going to get that, and so moved on to email. They didn’t like “Sister Sarah,” and so I went with, “Sarah Sarah.” Now I’m all set up and finding all sorts of interesting groups, like New Order Mormon.

New Order Mormon wasn’t something you heard about growing up. So this, I think, is new. The definition of New Order Mormon is, “New Order Mormons are people who are Mormons who acknowledge a vast spectrum of belief and activity within Mormonism. New Order Mormons are interested in a healthy public dialogue about contemporary issues, history and Mormon heritage.” That’s a direct quote from a Facebook group I joined. What I have observed about New Order Mormons from another group is that it appears more New Agey.

I have encountered Mormons who have mixed Mormonism with New Age and Catholic beliefs. So we’ll see how I will like Facebook. Won’t you join me there? I’d like to get to know you. Blogging is like talking to myself, and I can do that when I shower. I’d rather talk to you.


I prefer private conversation. You are more than welcome to email me in lieu of a comment or contact me via social media.

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