#Mormons Love Food, So Do Christians…

Last week was pancake day. Even my favorite cook of all time, Jamie Oliver, posted some really great recipes (that I didn’t have the ingredients for). So I opened up my cookbook to my favorite pancake recipe.

Yes, I still have cookbooks.

Most of my cookbooks are ratty as if they had been run over twice by a semi and vomited on by a child. When my friend introduced me to using the smart phone as a cookbook, the first thought that came to my head was: “I don’t want grease and batter on my phone.”

Eventually, I did give in to the smart phone, but I still love my cookbooks, especially this ratty one that my mother gave me as a teenager. The great thing about basic recipes is how you can change it up. To the recipe below, I added the zest from an entire orange (or as much zest as my cheese grater could give me), and two heaping tablespoons of nutmeg. To water down the thick batter, I added the orange juice from half of that same orange.


The pancakes were fried in olive oil, and they were really light. The orange made the bread fluffy. The olive oil added air to it. S.M. loved it. It goes especially nice with butter and Smucker’s blueberry syrup. If you are concerned about calories, make the pancakes smaller, and have two of them. This will make your mind think you are pigging out.

I did not follow my own advice. Don’t tell my doctor.

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