Quilting Groups Remind Me of Mormonism

As a young woman in the Mormon Church, I recall how the things we did or made all seemed to pertain to growing us up to be great stay-at-home moms and wives. Quilting groups remind me of that sometimes.

The Christian churches in my area all have various forms of quilting groups. These talented women make quilts for those who are being cared for in nursing homes. I also see the potential for new believers coming over from the Mormon church to get involved in quilting groups and help expand that Christian ministry, providing more needed hands to complete more quilts.

I don’t quilt. I can’t even sew. A hole in my sock just grows bigger. Buttons get resewn on out of necessity, but the stitches aren’t pretty. Holes in my jeans remain holes or become shorts. Georgia occasionally likes to sleep on my holey jeans.

Women, as shown in the Bible, can do more than be good stay-at-home moms and wives. God gave them purpose, too. For those of us without kids, this has become more and more apparent as I grow older.

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