Ghost Whisperer

A long walk was impossible today. Snow fell. Rain made the paths muddy. I got off early from work and stood in front of my window at home watching the snow turn to rain and back again. The sky was steel gray, cold, and the chill settled into the house.

S.M. was at work today. He won’t be home for a couple of hours yet. I felt restless. Daytime television had nothing on, not even my favorite reruns, except on ION or CLOO which kept running, “Ghost Whisperer,” endlessly.

I used to watch, “Ghost Whisperer.” The first few shows were interesting, even if I didn’t agree with the theology. However, I started not liking it. The character dealt with supposed ghosts, some being violent, and a lot of cult stuff were being used in it. When you become a believer, the Holy Spirit makes you more sensitive to what’s wrong or right. I kept feeling uneasy about it and so stopped watching it.

Funny, what you think about on days like this, when everything is dark and cold.


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