Why Mormons Aren’t Christian


“I know they are going to comment.” I said to S.M. after posting a status on my Facebook personal profile (the private one you don’t have access to). The status was to all Christians on my page. I poised it that way to get some feedback on a verse.

S.M. nodded. “They think they are Christian.”

“That shows a total lack of understanding about their own religion.” I said. “It’s one thing to say, I’m a Mormon. That says, you believe in the doctrine of your religion. But to also say, I’m a Christian, and yet ignore the essential differences between Christianity and Mormonism is so blind. Their organization starts to tell them to tell all of us that they are Christian, too, and their followers do so without even checking facts.”

And true enough…one of them commented.

In fact, a lot of times, whenever I post a status directed at believers on my personal Facebook, I think they make a point of commenting as if saying, We are Christian, too. It’s a passive-aggressive thing, I think, where you don’t know whether to accuse or ignore it. I usually ignore it.

S.M. rises from the couch. He walks into the kitchen and pulls out a soda. I decide to share this article which shows the difference between Islam and Mormonism with Christianity:

The Bible teaches that subsequent revelation from God must be consistent with previous revelation (Deuteronomy 13:1–6). Therefore, Mormonism and Islam must be rejected on their own terms. These religions cannot be correct because they are intrinsically incoherent; they contradict the Bible while simultaneously endorsing the Bible. It is also worth noting that since the god of Islam contradicts himself, there is no basis for the law of non-contradiction in the Muslim worldview. – Read More (emphasis mine)

If you are Mormon and you are reading this, understand that, if you are going to insist on saying, I’m Christian, too, you must learn about the religion you have joined, or you are just touting the company line. Don’t follow anything or anyone blindly. Not even believers like me follow something blindly. It’s good to dig deep.

I just wish one Mormon would come forward and say, “I’m Mormon, not Christian.”

I could respect that.



6 thoughts on “Why Mormons Aren’t Christian

  1. I am a Mormon, and that makes me a Christian. One cannot be a Mormon and not be a Christian, it is impossible.

    Now, just so we are clear, I know my religion extremely well. I would venture to say that I likely know it better than you, and I can still say I am Christian.


    1. Hi shematwater…your religion does not agree with the Christian. Your own church admits they do not believe in the Trinity. Your church believes in three gods among other things that the Christian and Mormons disagree on.


  2. What Christians are those?

    You are right that we do not believe in the Trinity, and there are many things we disagree with. That does not mean we are not Christian. It means we are not of the same Christian thought, or denomination. Christianity is a very broad religious movement that has had many denominations and sects. All of them are Christian, despite the vast differences between them.

    Simply put, any religion that holds as its core belief that Christ is the Son of God and the Savior of the World is Christian. There is no other requirement. All the other doctrines serve only to distinguish denominations within the Christian movement.


    1. That’s a pretty big difference…the Trinity is the basis for calling oneself a Christian. It’s what all Christian denominations can agree with. You do not worship the same god. Obviously, from seeing your blog, you know Mormonism, but you definitely do not understand the Christian religion and what they believe, or you wouldn’t say you were Christian. The Trinity is a huge piece. Mormons believe in a different Heaven than the Christians. You also believe in works-based belief. Christians do not believe in works as the basis for getting to Heaven. Even the most evil among us on earth can choose Christ on his death bed and obtain Salvation. Even your idea of Salvation doesn’t agree with Christians. Degrees of Glory ( http://mormonbeliefs.org/mormon_beliefs/mormon-beliefs-the-plan-of-salvation/the-plan-of-salvation-the-degrees-of-glory ) is just one of many disagreements. Here is a typical statement of beliefs that is shared by all Christian denominations https://www.biblegateway.com/about/faith/ . Unlike your religion, our religion encourages good works as the fruit of belief, but obviously if that evil person died on his death bed, his life is not exactly worthy of Christ (but then none of us are worthy). Because Christ loved us first, that evil person is redeemed and sent to Heaven because of his belief in Christ of the Trinity. We also believe in hell for those who do not choose to believe. There are lots of great websites that compare between Mormonism and Christians in great theological detail. If it were true that Mormons were just another version of Christianity, then the outcry against Mormons proclaiming they are Christian would be missing. If I could work my way to Heaven, Christ’s sacrifice on the cross would not have been necessary.


      1. It seems you don’t understand the LDS or Christianity. I have seen many of the comparisons you speak of, and very few of them accurately portray LDS doctrine.

        Regardless of any of that, I understand the term Christian very well, and I know many others who also understand it and will tell you that we are very much Christian, because the term carries only the definition I gave. All the arguments over faith and works and the nature of heaven and all that are secondary to that central doctrine.
        Actually, if you look at the history of Christianity you will find that for many years these very doctrines were hotly debated. The interesting thing about it is that neither side of the debate really questioned whether that other was Christian or not. They all accepted that they were all Christian, but had different views regarding different doctrine. Yes, they wanted to settle the disputes and determine what the real truth was, but this was not what determined if one was a Christian or not.

        A Christian is a person who belongs to an one of the religious denominations that holds as its central doctrine the belief in Christ as the Son of God and Savior of the World. That was what defined a Christian in the time of Rome, and that is what defines a Christian today.


  3. I will definitely pray for you that your eyes will be opened. I encourage you to look deeper into scripture, but I think, going by your other comments on other websites, nothing I will say will help you see. I thank you for dropping by.


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