The Good Witch on Forgiveness

In the last episode of The Good Witch on Hallmark, Cassie struggled with moving on from her husband’s death. Her friend struggled to forgive his cheating fiance and his best friend. Usually Hallmark shows are predictable.

Not this time.

I can’t decide if Cassie and the doctor will end up together or if Cassie kissed her friend because she is forcing herself to move on from her husband’s death. The longing looks between James Denton’s character and Cassie left me wondering. But it was the message that made me think of Jesus’ stance on forgiveness.
“Finally, we must act to solve our part of the problem (Romans 12:18). We cannot control how others act or respond, but we can make the changes that need to be made on our part. Overcoming a temper is not accomplished overnight. But through prayer, Bible study, and reliance upon God’s Holy Spirit, ungodly anger can be overcome. We may have allowed anger to become entrenched in our lives by habitual practice, but we can also practice responding correctly until that, too, becomes a habit and God is glorified in our response.” READ MORE

I have a question for Hallmark though–what happened to the Mayor’s husband? He suddenly disappeared. Did I miss a movie?

Looking forward to tonight’s episode.

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