She’s Alone

Mari wasn’t wearing the ring on her left hand anymore.

“Should I talk to her?” I nudged S.M. who was sitting next to me during service.

The pastor was talking. Mari sat a few rows behind me with her head down. S.M. looked at me. His lips spread into a frown.

“Not now.” He kept his voice low.

“There’s no ring.” I leaned close to his ear.

Mr. Grumpy, a man who sat behind me, glared. I call him Mr. Grumpy because I forgot his name. He’s over 70 with certain ideas about church. He belongs to a group in Sunday School who always has an opinion about something, especially church-related. Apparently, whispering is taboo in church, too. Maybe he’s right on that one though. I should really be paying attention to the sermon.

“Focus.” S.M. tapped his open Bible.

I couldn’t focus. I kept turning my head to glance at Mari.

Was it compassion or was it gossip?


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