What You Are Missing… #Christians

I read somewhere on the American Family Association, or elsewhere, how people, fed up with church, become “Lone Wolf Christians.” S.M. and I will be going to Bible Study in an hour, and, when I think of the people I have been blessed to know in church, I can’t help but return to the Bible.

While the Bible directs us to attend church, I can’t find any verses that specify church as we know it–the building with its articles of incorporation (as required by law). What I have read is how New Testament believers met in each others homes until Constantine legalized Christianity and the tradition of church buildings began. There are so many different kinds of churches that meet worldwide–house churches, traditional churches, and small groups. These, by Bible standards, are considered meeting together as a church.

My heart goes out to those “Lone Wolf Christians” who are missing the opportunities of being Christ-like to those who are suffering, of learning how to build relationships even if those relationships are difficult, and who are missing out on being loved (even if imperfectly). The learning that S.M. and I glean from our Sunday School leaders, Bible Study leaders, and our pastor is invaluable. Some of these people actually went to school and studied the scriptures in-depth.

Ah, well, I must go now.



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