Online Bible Reference: How to Use It

Bible Gateway is my all-time favorite Bible reference.


You search any Bible, including the King James Version and the New King James Version. You can do a keyword search. You can even learn to read in context, historically and accurately.


Wycliff is having a five-day class called, Total It Up!

Discover Bible translation at “TOTAL It Up!” (Taste of Translation and Linguistics), where intense learning meets interactive fun!

During this five-day course, real-world translators introduce you to the ins and outs of Bible translation through fast-paced, stimulating presentations and fun class activities. Topics include grammar, phonetics and phonology; language and culture learning; translation and semantics; literacy and ethnomusicology; and sign-language translation.

You’ll also be inspired by a wealth of testimonies and videos that bridge the gap between academics and the real-world adventure of being a Bible translator.

Plus, an informal community atmosphere with shared housing, meals and time for Bible study and prayer will help make this an exciting week you’ll never forget!

Mormons believe in the Bible if it is translated correctly. One person said on the Mormon site, “There are so many interpretations and different translations of the Bible in the world today. As Mormons, we believe that there are many plain and simple truths that have been lost from the Bible over the ages.” So I encourage you to truly learn about God’s Word, how translation works, by enrolling in this awesome class. You might also wish to click here to read a fascinating article by the folks at Answers in Genesis. After all, our faith is built on the Word of God.

Don’t forget to do some exploring on Bible Gateway!

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