Intimacy: What it Means

She said, “People always feel better when the sun comes out.”

I have to disagree.

Sunday found me walking between the rain drops, like that song from LifeHouse. I walked on a damp trail lined by scrub oak, some kind of pink flowering bush, and pines. The trail climbed a ways into the mountains before it dipped into a ravine.

Birds swooped in and out of the infrequent rays of sunlight from a shy sun. That song ran through my head in accompaniment to my feet. I could hear a dog way off in the distance, but otherwise, I felt so good. I was taking a walk with God and enjoying intimacy with him.

What is intimacy with God? What does it feel like?

It’s very simply spending time with Him.

Not merely studying His Word and filling our heads with Greek words or definitions. Those are good, too, but spending time with Him; that’s better. That’s intimacy.

Prayer is a conversation.

So when I finally got home and logged into my Facebook, I found so many verses on prayer in the Bible.

God must think conversation with Him is important, too.

People always think life is better when the sun is always shining, but walking in the rain is cleansing, like walking in His Word. Walking in His Word rips a part all we think we know about ourselves and other people, and puts us back on the right track.  So many times we let family expectations and others influence us when it should be the Bible.  It should be God.

So take a walk in the rain. God has some things to say to you.

I prefer private conversation. You are more than welcome to email me in lieu of a comment or contact me via social media.

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