Bring God into Those Important Decisions

Billy Graham wrote in “Writing for The Soul” by Jerry Jenkins that he keeps the Bible open all through his house. He does this to continue feeding his soul spiritual food. On top of this, Mr. Graham also does his devotions and prayer time with God in the morning. That man puts us to shame with his dedication to the Lord.

If you are trying to make an important decision, shouldn’t you refer to the Bible? Shouldn’t you talk to God about it first and get His feedback?

Now the real danger is in thinking you are talking to God, but in actuality, you are talking to yourself. Easy way to figure this out is if God is always in agreement with you on every decision. If the Bible is God’s Word, shouldn’t you refer to it to get clarity?

He would never contradict Himself.

Light readers of the Bible might point out contradictions, but ones that regularly feed themselves on the Word find the answers to those alleged “contradictions.”

So anything that contradicts His Word is obviously the wrong direction.

So how do you pray? How do you find the right answers?

  • Pray scripture.
  • Persevere through prayer. Answers don’t always come right away, and they aren’t always ‘yes.’
  • Sometimes, you just need to ask the right question.

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