Short Story: God’s Invisible Army

“Don’t be afraid,” Elisha said, “because*Based on a true story with names, places, and circumstances changed to protect privacy of the individuals*

 Read 2 Kings 6

Sophia walked out the front door of the supermarket. She noted that it was nearly two a.m. Her car wouldn’t start this afternoon which forced her to walk to work. Now she would walk home.

The parking lot was nearly empty. The hum of the freeway in the distance was a comfort. A full moon hung in the clear sky, shining a pure white light in every dark corner. She started down the main thoroughfare, and turned right into one of many small, neighborhood streets that would take her home.

Home was a relative term.

Sophia lived at home with her parents. She was saving her money for her own apartment, but until she had the deposit, she resigned herself to her circumstances. Lost in her thoughts, she walked the route more from habit than from sight. What she noted was how beautiful the silver light was and how even the shadows ran from it.

She made a left and suddenly felt it. An oppressive, evil presence that watched. Sophia stopped on the sidewalk, using her eyes to scan the front yards and dark windows. No shadows. The moonlight didn’t allow anyone or anything to hide from its probing glow. No lights shone from the windows of the rows of houses. The immediate feeling of isolation made her feel fear–the kind of paralyzing fear she felt when she and her friends did a seance years ago. That memory still made her shiver.

A voiceless presence filled her as she heard him say, “Don’t run. Walk fast. Get home fast and lock the door. You are in danger.”

Sophia swallowed. Her heart beat raced as she walked very fast, keeping her gaze and face looking forward, while she used her peripherals to watch and find the thing stalking her. The voiceless presence which she knew to be God or an angel from God guided her through the bright moonlight towards home, urging her to not appear to notice the danger. If she noticed it, he said, the evil thing would attack.

There! Sophia’s gaze zero’d in on the front door. She walked faster, but did not run. The voiceless presence urged her to hurry. The evil, he said, was going to attack. Sophia didn’t know what that meant, but she listened and fished out her keys from her pockets. Twice, she missed the key hole, but finally and violently, she pushed the key in and turned it. The sense of pure evil felt close.

She swung open the door and slammed it shut, pushing the deadbolt in, and leaned against the closed door. An immediate sense of safety assailed her and the voiceless presence was gone.

So was the evil.

She breathed in and out, trying to slow down her heart.

No one would believe this, least of all her parents. They didn’t even believe her when she told them about what happened at the seance. Sophia was amazed no one heard her slam the door. She quietly got ready for bed, and slipped into the covers of safety. This night will forever be remembered, and it made her hungry to know God more intimately.

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