Book of Mormon Musical

A family member on Facebook posted how much she enjoyed attending the “Book of Mormon” musical.

She’s not Mormon.

As believers, if we attend something like that, you should post why you watched it, affirming the beliefs of the Bible. Otherwise, your family members might start praying fervently that you won’t be deceived. Media has a long history of having a heavy influence on the world from television shows that make political statements to the “Book of Mormon” musical. Their agendas are obvious to those of us with the truth in our souls: Emotional manipulation. According to an interview with the writers (creators of “South Park”), who are neither Mormons or Christians, it was meant to talk about the “goofiness” of religions.

To those who are blinded, it’s just a show or it’s just a musical.

Harmless, right?

Outside the musical, Mormon missionaries handed out 2,400 free Book of Mormons. It’s a serious outreach to induct new members into the church. It’s okay to see the musical if your faith is strong, but if you post about it, affirm that you aren’t a believer in their cult. Otherwise, people like me might assume that your next post will be an announcement of your new membership with them.

Meanwhile, another reason to attend would be so you can discuss the subject intelligently with a Mormon. After all, it’s just a comedy, right?

I prefer private conversation. You are more than welcome to email me in lieu of a comment or contact me via social media.

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