Grandpa is Dying…Again.

Grandpa Lehman likes to gather the family together every year. People might call it a family reunion, but he tells my Aunt he is dying…again. My Aunt in turn tells everyone else. Her phone calls and emails are frantic.

S.M. rolls his eyes when I get that email from Aunt Freda. “Again?”

“Aunt Freda wants us to come up with everyone else this August.” I hit reply to the email. “And again, I’ll say we have plans.”

“We just can’t afford to make that trip. It’s quite a distance.” S.M. says as he makes the coffee. “Plus, he’s never involved in our lives.”

“True.” I type out a nice reply, wrapping my no in sweet prayerful supplications. With my family, you have to think about what you write or say as they can be very sensitive.

“It’s interesting what he calls our Christianity.” I hit ‘send,’ and turn around to face S.M. “He said he was glad that I was happy in my religion.”

“Don’t they say they are Christians, too?” S.M.’s brow furrows as he raises his mug to sip his coffee.

“Some believe it’s just a different denomination, but if you look at the different actual Christian denominations, you’ll see each denomination believes in the Trinity. You’ll see the same belief system in their about page. In fact, I was reading an article online the other day, and a secular blog included Mormonism and Jehovah Witnesses in the Christian label. JW’s aren’t Christian either. It’s also a cult.” I shut down the computer and walk over to put the kettle on the stove.

Outside, clouds pile on top of each other like whipped cream. A storm, the weather man said, was on its way. Yesterday, we had a few drops. We need the moisture. I lean against the counter and wait for the water to boil.

“So is your mom going to be mad at us again for not going to a family function?” S.M. asks.

“Maybe and maybe not. Grandpa Lehman is well known for his manipulation.” I shrug as the kettle begins to grumble. “That’s how we roll.”

So I make my tea and walk outside to my chair. I sit down and lean back against the cushion. I listen to the birds twitter and wonder if they are talking about their families, too? S.M. joins me after pulling on a hoody. He sits down next to me and we enjoy a comfortable silence as the morning wanes.

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