You Should Read the Book of Mormon

I know I just made your head swivel in surprise, shock, and maybe wariness.

No, seriously, you should read the Book of Mormon, like you should read the Qu’ran. You should know what you are talking about when you talk to a Mormon or a Muslim, or don’t get into the fray.

In reading a blog, I agreed and disagreed with it, but this one was the part where I wanted to stand up and shout, “Amen!”

Too many Christians tend to take the lazy way out of defending their faith. Read a quick blog. Hear a couple of sermons.

Boom! You are an expert. Not.

Lots of blogs talk about how Mormons get uncomfortable and walk away from questions they can’t answer. The blog I read suggested getting to know Mormons, like we would get to know our friends. Find out how much they understand of their own religion. Most don’t understand it. Some people I have spoken with haven’t even read the Bible.

If you ask me about my family, it’s about half and half. Some have read the Bible. Some have only read the Book of Mormon. Or some read mostly the Book of Mormon and little Bible. Testimonies of recent converts from Mormonism to Christianity tell of their surprise of what the New Testament says.

So here’s a challenge to my Mormon friends.

If you want to argue with us, read the Bible. Read the blogs we read. Get to know us, like we want to get to know you.

I can suggest two sites:

Read the commentaries on the Bible. Bible Gateway has many of those. See this post for reference.

To my Christian friends, you might want to order the Book of Mormon through your church so your address and personal information stay private. Once they get your personal information, you’ll receive a bombardment of missionaries, visits, and phone calls. Trust me. I have experience in this as a former Mormon.

I prefer private conversation. You are more than welcome to email me in lieu of a comment or contact me via social media.

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