Dear Women…

Men think differently than women, especially unsaved men. If you wish to talk to a man about Jesus, it is best to do so in very public places with your husband or boyfriend with you or with another friend. If you meet a man someplace, men see that as a date. Men also relate differently than women.

I know feminists hate it when we say stuff like that, but it is true. Any married woman knows this. Men and women are different. This is why some men find it helpful to meet with other men when they go to a Bible Study as their issues are different than women’s issues.

So dear, sweet women, keep on proclaiming to the world how Jesus heals and saves, but remember that unsaved men may not see your intentions quite as clearly as you do.

So, while I gladly talk to men and women in public and private, my husband is well aware of what I say or do. My marriage has no secrets. Secrets shred trust. Secrets make a marriage vulnerable. I am open with my husband because I love and respect him. When you talk to me, know that my husband and I talk about and pray for you.


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