Moving Day!

April sent out an email to our ladies Bible study two weeks before pleading for people to help her move from her large house. She’s a young widow.

When I arrived on her six acres of property on Saturday, my heart felt gladdened by the amount of women and men who showed up.

Showing up is half the battle in my mind.

The sounds of boxes coming together, packing tape schreeching, and laughter was like a beautiful symphony. Love showed up and got their hands dirty. We talked and hugged. The stuff disappeared into boxes and the box pile by the front door grew.

It’s what we Christians do…we show up.

We don’t show up because it’s what we are supposed to do. Jesus said the greatest commandment was love. Love of our neighbor, taking care of people regardless of their marital status, and connecting. Love shows up. It just does that, and it embraces situations and people, almost defying reason. We put aside the things we need to get done for the things that are important at the moment.

What’s important in your life? How are you demonstrating this in your actions?


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