Educate Your Congregation (And Here is Why)

“You didn’t come down for a job. You came to this university maybe thinking, ‘I have to have an education to get a job.’ You need this education from Liberty University because of your only true job, the purpose you were sent here for.” (27:05-27:22)

According to Mormon teaching, the Grand Council (or Council of Heaven) is a gathering of heavenly beings that send men and women, who they believe are pre-existing and immortal souls, to earth for a divine purpose. Protestant and Catholic critics of Mormonism claim that this teaching is both polytheistic and unbiblical.


3 thoughts on “Educate Your Congregation (And Here is Why)

      1. I only mentioned a definition for one word, and that is polytheistic. Also, I think you know that I am not talking about a dictionary definition. There are people who say that a belief in angels makes a religion polytheistic. Others say that the Christian doctrine of Satan is polytheistic. Some will argue that as long as you believe in only one supreme being it doesn’t matter how many other divine beings you believe in, you are monotheistic. Then we could also bring the henotheistic concepts into the argument and get even more complicated.

        So again, it depends on your definition of polytheistic; or, more appropriately, your understanding of that definition.


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