Three Things Glenn Got Right in 2014…

  • Read your scriptures (The Bible) more. Yes!
  • Pray! Yes, but who do you pray to? What do you believe about God? What do the Scriptures say who God is. 
  • There’s a reason for your existence.

If something is true, it won’t conflict with what the Bible says. So be discerning what leaders say, even those with good intentions and who appear sincere. People can be sincerely wrong, too. But what is interesting to me is how the Mormons believe in the Book of Mormon but it is the Scriptures they use most often when speaking to the public. Yet, a Mormon I spoke to had never read the Bible.

Meanwhile, I do pray for Glenn Beck and all those like him. He says he, “Struggles with the scriptures.” What he said on other matters, well, I agreed with a lot of it, except for the Mormonism and how he included his faith in the Christian definition.




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