My Commentary: Kearny Baptist Church #Mormons #Christian

I really enjoyed this article from First Baptist Church of Kearny. If you are questioning God because of the Mormon church or are seeking to know Christ or even a Christian who isn’t aware of what Mormons believe, I encourage you to read the whole article. Please pay particular attention to the comments between Shem Atwater, a devout Mormon on the blogosphere, and Pastor Sean, a believer. 

What we focused on today was Colossians 1:15-20 because in that passage is a discussion of the nature of Christ. This is the most important point to address our opening question. Christianity centers on the person of Christ. Who you believe the person of Christ is will determine whether or not you are Christian. Simply saying, “I believe in Jesus,” means something different than what Christianity believes if the Jesus you refer to is a dude who plays the sax outside of Dodgers Stadium. READ MORE

One thought on “My Commentary: Kearny Baptist Church #Mormons #Christian

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