Hosea’s Love Story #Mormons

freely-10157-preview-973x649Love stories are my favorite to watch, like Hallmark’s “Elevator Girl,” and other deeper stories that make me want to snuggle up to an eye-rolling husband (who was forced to watch because he loves me). In some movies, it’s not such a happy storyline.

A wife cheats on the husband, and the husband is scarred emotionally.

This is like a belief. A person wants so badly to believe something they’ve grown up with that removing the falsehood of said belief is like having surgery without an anesthetic. The knife cuts into your skin and every nerve ending sends unbearable waves of pain to your brain. I can’t even imagine what the Civil War must have been like with arms and legs being amputated without modern medicine!

That’s Mormonism. It’s so ingrained in her followers that they cannot be objective. Church is family. To question family is unthinkable. To walk away from the Mormon family is like walking away from your blood relatives.

Hosea is a book in the Bible that, “illustrate[s] the spiritual adultery of Israel and God’s boundless love for His sinful people. Hosea brings God’s message to the wicked Northern Kingdom. (read here)”

If you are one of those people who left the Mormon church and who need a small group or a house church instead of a regular church in your time of healing, please contact me. I can help you find a Christian, not Mormon, small group or house church in your area. You don’t have to believe what I believe to attend and questions are always welcome. I completely understand how you see church in light of your leaving, and it’s not about a church, but about being around people who care about YOU and your salvation.


I prefer private conversation. You are more than welcome to email me in lieu of a comment or contact me via social media.

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