Peaceful Times

Being confident of this very thing, that

Georgia is curled up between the arm of the couch and the back cushion with her head curled beneath her body. The Bible is open this morning. I am barefoot,in my favorite pajamas, and listening softly to some Sara Groves. She is like Allison Krause in her singing. This morning it feels appropriate to tread softly into the day. The past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind of phone calls, work, and family drama.

So this morning, I am resting in His arms. I am watching how Georgia’s stomach rises and falls with every gentle breath. S.M. is reading his Bible, too. I like our marriage because our silence says just as much as our words. The door is open. I can hear the twitter of birds. The cool air is freshening the dusty air. I can see dust particles floating in the meek sunlight as the day grows brighter. In a while, S.M. will close his Bible, get some breakfast, and begin to rifle through his side of the closet for something to wear. I’ll throw on some casual clothing.

Since the Mormon church and leaving it, I don’t wear dresses to church or wear things too formal. Formal things are for funerals. I want people to feel comfortable around me. So I honor God with my thoughts and heart by choosing to go casual so my formal wear isn’t a stumbling block for you.

You, who may not have nice things to wear, and who might feel flashbacks of the church you came from, can see that, I, too, am casual, but my heart is enlarged through Christ’s love. I adore Him. He saved my life.

Maybe you’ll let Him save yours this morning?

Have a great day, friend.

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