Lunch Hour Thoughts


Monday’s are like gray skies.

You can’t ban Mondays, because, then, Tuesdays become the new Mondays.

I work in an office on flex hours. Being encapsulated in a tiny office with walls that are the color of hospital walls, makes you long for sunshine and warmth.

So, at lunch, I walked to the nearest coffee shop where I sat on the patio and sipped some tea.

Loose leaf tea, I might add, and this place puts the tea in a mug, if you ask, not paper cups.

Small pleasures–That’s what makes life so worthwhile.

These are blessings from God.

I lean back against my iron chair and turn my face to the sun. A bee buzzes by my ear. Someone is having a conversation about their bad relationship with someone who might be a psychologist. A car passes and soon it is peaceful again.

Shortly, I’ll have to return to the ringing telephone, the computer and its spreadsheets, and bite my tongue when that person calls to critique me again.

My empathy to customer service reps everywhere.

I apologize if I have ever made your day worse by my own bad attitude.


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