The Blonde in The Convertible

The commercial shows a remake of the Chevy Chase scene with a husband flirting with a blonde in a convertible. It’s funny, but I kept thinking, “If my husband flirted with a blonde in a convertible, I wouldn’t be smiling.”

I know.

Get a sense of humor, right?

S.M. and I talk about commercials all the time. When your cable package feels like 80% commercial and 20% shows, it makes me wonder why we pay for a cable package.

So last night S.M. hands me the remote.

I click from one channel to another and realize there’s nothing on.

There’s over a hundred channels.

Maybe America should spend less time on television and more time outdoors.

We’d save a lot of money and lose a lot of weight.

So I turned it off and opened a book.

There’s always a good book to read, right?

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