The cursing and almost violent anger of the voice made me stop just before the door of the church Wednesday evening. The person was somewhere around the corner from the entrance in the shadows. His loud outburst and cuss words surprised me. The way he lowered his voice suddenly told me he was aware of my presence. I still couldn’t see him. I checked my watch.

I could hear him. 

“You stay the $@!?! away from me!” The man said. “You had your chance to be my father. You lied to me!” His voice dipped lower. 

I tarried by the church doors, pretending to flip through my Bible. A woman scurried past me, glancing furtively towards the loud voice. She looked at me as if I were crazy to be standing there, before disappearing inside the church.

“I don’t want any part of the family! NO! You come the @!$!! near me and I’ll call the police. I’ll beat the #$@!?@ out of you!” The man emerged from the shadows from the around the corner. Just Jon looked startled when he saw me reading my Bible by the doors of the church. A dark red blush gradually colored his skin as he pocketed his cell phone. 

I smiled awkwardly at him and hurriedly walked through the doors of the church just in time for the Women’s evening Bible Study to begin. 

Should I have prayed with him?

Should I have said something?

Cussing was the least of his issues. Just Jon had a deeper story. 

Deadbeat father.


Prodigal son. 

An hour later, I left the Women’s Bible Study. S.M. met me outside after his study. He told me with some surprise that Just Jon never came to the study. 

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