Just Jon and Mari

Ten minutes into my walk, the clouds overhead burst and rain fell in sheets over the town. I ran towards the coffee shop on Berean Street to grab my newest favorite: Tibetan Chai Tea Latte.

My friend introduced me to that one a few weeks ago, and I absolutely love it. The coffee shop on Berean makes it perfectly. Plus, I wanted a few minutes to catch up on my Bible reading. The rain made my shirt stick to my skin in minutes. Streams ran down the street as the rain made creeks out of gutters. I got to the front door of the coffee shop and pushed the door open.

Already, a line was forming at the cash register. The espresso machine whirred, and in that small space, it felt too loud. I wiped the rain from my face, pushing away my stringy hair from my eyes. That’s when I saw Mari sitting with Just Jon.

I learned from my last encounter with Just Jon. S.M.’s words still flashed in my memory, how I get too involved in other people’s business. I averted my eyes and stood in line, hoping to avoid another confrontation.

“Sarah!” Mari called, and gestured for me to come over to their table. She wore a smile on her face. She’s been smiling a lot these days. It’s probably because she’s dating a police man right now.

Just Jon flushed red.

I walked over and embraced my friend, Mari. “How are you?”

“Great. Jon and I were just talking about you.”

Just Jon’s words came out slow. “I wanted to apologize to you. I was a bit harsh.”

“I didn’t want you to feel embarrassed because of what I overheard.” I said, and looked over my shoulder. The line was down to one more person. “Let me get something and I’ll come join you.”

I spent the rest of my lunch hour sitting with Mari and Just Jon. I learned a lot about Just Jon, even his last name (which I will probably forget anyway). His dad has been trying to make things right with him, but there are still many issues to work out. Mari’s new boyfriend is divorced with a son. Apparently, dating a single parent has its own challenges. She has her eye on a wedding. He just wants a live-in. His son doesn’t want her at all.

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