Blue Bloods: The Perfect Family

My friend introduced me to Blue Bloods. We sat together talking about the reruns she has me watching.

“What do you like about it?” I poured her a cup of coffee. She insists on making the coffee, touting that non-coffee drinkers can’t make a good cup of coffee. With S.M. at work today, I have to agree.

“The family scenes. I can’t help it. They talk to each other. They disagree, but in love. It’s a perfect family.” She says, stirring cream and sugar into her cup.

“No such thing as a perfect family.” I said as I thought about my own Mormon family. “But I do have to say, they are not like a Mormon family. They have family dinners together once a week, but they don’t smother.” In fact, my mother and I had another spat on the phone the other day. S.M. and I couldn’t make a family gathering.

“I know. The Blue Blood family is a family I could love. Why can’t we disagree and still come together at the end of the day admitting our own mistakes, apologizing, and move on?” She leaned back against the cushions of the couch and stared off at some distant memory.

“It takes my mother a couple of weeks just to get over missing one family party.” I said.

Silence ensued. I had the front door open because the weather was cooling down. The smell of pine filtered into the room. The morning birds twittered and fought in the trees. It was the best time to enjoy a friend’s company. Something about the outside noise was soothing to both our souls.

“So are we going to watch another rerun this morning?” She smiled suddenly.

“I baked a chocolate cake just for the occasion and bought some of that new lunch meat from the deli.” I laughed. “So make room on the couch. The television is behind me.”

My friend laughed and we both settled in with our coffee as I began to play the first re-run. Moments with friends are wonderful, especially on a day off. It was girl time today.

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