Honor at The Job

Whether you are an Arby’s worker or someone who works for someone else, you are being paid to do a job. Because I am a Christian, I have to live under the rules of the Bible. This means, it doesn’t matter if someone of another religion, lifestyle, or color gets special privileges and I don’t as God has made it clear that I am to act with honor in all things to all people.

This means, if I work for someone who says I must do something against my beliefs, I have only one choice: Quit.

Standing for what’s right will have a cost. Quitting means being without a paycheck, being late on bills, etc, but in doing so, I know I can sleep better at night.

There are plenty of stories of Christian persecution out there, and it is really easy in this culture to get caught up in the sense of entitlement that has swept through our country. Don’t get jobs where you will be forced to live out the beliefs of an organization you can’t serve 100% well. If you are a Muslim woman asked to dress in the fashion of the store you want to work at, a person who hates cops, or a Christian under oath to serve the law, you are being paid to do a job under the beliefs and vision of that organization.

As a believer, we set the tone to unbelievers. As a believer, you have this amazing opportunity to talk about Christ to people who walk in for same-sex marriage licenses. They are your captive audience, but let me urge you to do two things if you take this on in a government setting (let it be known that I would quit the job as it would go against my beliefs to issue a same sex marriage license):

  • Pray: Begin your morning in prayer for the opportunities. Don’t neglect the Word.
  • Mission Opportunities: Take a missionary course or two, and watch for ways to open people’s eyes to Jesus. Learn how to build bridges from their unbelief or deception to belief and repentance through compassionate truth. It is a genuine struggle for them. Treat it as such.

Have a Plan B if you choose this route as government jobs aren’t sympathetic to Christians who choose to evangelize, and you will face confrontation with your boss as well as possible write-ups or firings. To do the above scenario well, you must make sure your initial job isn’t being hindered by long conversations. If the conversations go long, get their email or phone number and continue that conversation later. Never let it be said that you didn’t do your job well or thoroughly.

I prefer private conversation. You are more than welcome to email me in lieu of a comment or contact me via social media.

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