Not a Closet Christian

“So mom told me you had something great going on.” Dad said after a bit of small talk about the weather.

S.M. and I were down in the city and stopped in to see my parents. I sucked in my breath and my heart beat quicker. Did he know about this blog? 

“Great?” I questioned. Mom had a short memory and I prayed whatever it was she saw that she wouldn’t pinpoint it back to my ministry.  

S.M.’s face was like stone, but I knew him well enough to see his eyes clouding in concern. We discussed the what-ifs of Dad and Mom finding out about Sister Sarah many times and we had prepared ourselves for a confrontation should that event occur, even a family split. 

I was just reading in the Voices of the Martyrs magazine how a man continued to live at the doorstep of ISIS in spite of his fear because his faith was stronger. He faced death and homelessness, even starvation for his faith. 

Here I was, sitting in my parent’s livingroom with mom in the kitchen making sandwiches, and the only thing I might face was never seeing them again; not death or torture like the Christians in other countries. 

“Yeah,” Dad twisted in his seat and called to Mom in the kitchen. “Sweetheart, what did you see that was great?” 

Mom looked up from putting another sandwich together. “Something. I can’t remember what. Sarah was excited about it on Facebook.” 

Facebook! Oh, yeah. I breathed easier and so did S.M. 

“That was because I took an online course and passed with a ‘B.'” I said, almost in a rush of giddiness. I would never have talked about Sister Sarah on Facebook. 

Dad expressed his happiness over my ‘B’ and Mom gestured that we should come to the table to eat. Then, the talk turned to their Mormon church. 

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