I’ve Got an Idea… #Mormon #Ex-Mormon #Christian

I cringe at our default response: “All that we can do right now is pray.”

We left our primary weapon back at base. Instead, on our own power, we tried to handle the ugliness of life alone. We didn’t invite God into the fray through prayer. So it’s no wonder that we drag our battle-sore body back to base in discouragement. It’s not too late though. You can still bring your primary weapon back into battle. Every day is a new day.

But what if you are reading this and you don’t believe?

If you question God’s existence, can I ask you something?

Spend time praying verses in the Bible and ask God to show you Himself.

Do this regularly.

Trust me; it works.

Start with the book of Psalms.

One thought on “I’ve Got an Idea… #Mormon #Ex-Mormon #Christian

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