Rainy Day Thoughts

Rain in the mountains is almost magical.

I’m sitting on my front porch, sipping a hot cup of tea, and wrapped in my favorite afghan. Mari was over a little while ago. She had a new tea she wanted me to try, and so we sipped hot tea and talked about her dating life. She’s sure she wants to marry her cop boyfriend who has a step-son.

I think she just wants to be loved.

You can’t help but see how she always does things for him. On the outside, it looks like love and devotion. On the inside, it’s a means to an end. If she can prove to him that she loves him, maybe he’ll love her in return. Her relationship with his son is mixed.

He’s confused and lost and still plays mind games with his parents. He doesn’t even want her in his life. I guess this is a typical blended family situation. She’s not ready to hear what I really think.

She deserves better than that man.

The man is at best detached. He’s emotionless. He doesn’t go to church with her or appear to believe what she believes. Most of the time, he’s too busy to regularly hang out with Mari.

As I watch the low rain clouds creep across the distant mountains between the tree tops, I settle deep into my chair and take a sip of tea. I am glad that I am not dating. If I had to be single again, I’d stay single and serve God.

S.M. is the only love of my life that I ever wanted. In my old age, if I am alone, I will only need Jesus.

Mari will learn her cop boyfriend is no good. She’ll see it.


Because the kind of love she’s searching for can only be found complete in Jesus.

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