Stormy Seas and Safe Harbors #ExMormons #Mormons

The best gifts come with no tag, gift wrap, or glitter or from in front of the smiling face of your friend.

Those are good gifts, but not best gifts.

Examples of best gifts are…

  • Anonymous ones left on your doorstep.
  • Encouraging emails.
  • Someone coming up to you to pray with you without asking them.
  • When someone seeks you out to ask what they can pray over for you.
  • Gifts where you didn’t have to provide a list of wants, but they were aware of your posts on Facebook and knew what you most desired.
  • Timely gifts when life crashes around you like ocean waves on the rocks.

Did you know that Mormons aren’t the only ones with a corner on the market on giving gifts to people who haven’t come to church in a while? Christians are good at giving good gifts, but they usually don’t wait until you have left the church. They are right there during those times in your life when your the ship about to crash on the rocks because the lighthouse light stopped working. They care more about the condition of your heart and your relationship with God than if you went to church every Sunday.

Granted, there are apathetic Christians. I’m glad I am not surrounded by those kind. My friends know how to race to the lighthouse and fix the light. They know how to warn me when my ship approaches the rocky shores. They point me right back to the Bible when I can’t get my navigation right, because they know the Bible will lead me to a safe harbor where I can rest.



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