It’s Not About How You Feel


It’s not about how you feel at church. It’s about knowing the Jesus of the Bible. Not every religion points to Him. Some try to say they preach about Him, but during these troubled times, you must look to the Bible to see if a church is aligned with it. A church always publishes their beliefs on their website, but if you have to really look to find what they believe, you may want to reconsider attending there.

  • You want a church where they help align your heart and spirit with the Bible.
  • You want a church that will pray with you.
  • You want a church that will help you grow as a Christian through a continuous diet of the Bible.

And what you don’t want?

  • A church that compromises the Bible to please people.
  • A church that tries to control you.
  • A church that tries to isolate you.
  • A church that is abusive.
  • A church that adds things to the Bible as a revelation.

Have you found that church yet? Do you have questions? Would you like help in finding one? Let me know. 

One thought on “It’s Not About How You Feel

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