Broken Vessels

Our pastor talked about how the Japanese fix cracks in their earthen pots with gold filler. As I sat in my seat, I thought of my own cracks. I’ve been dropped, crushed, and made whole again. Each time, God has lovingly filled those cracks so the cracks don’t go all the way through.

As a believer, it is easy to feel those cracks every day. I’m much harder on myself than I am on anyone else. Today was no exception. I was given a difficult task to do at work. For a moment, I drew a blank on how to finish it. I even wondered if I could finish it.

Of course, I didn’t quit. 

Quitting is not in my vocabulary. So I am focusing on finishing, and even though I feel the rough edges of those cracks, I know that I am a broken vessel made whole by a loving God.

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