Mormons Who Go To Christian Church

An old friend of mine (let’s call her Angie) called one Sunday afternoon. She poured out her heart about her Mormon parents. She said, “They go to Christian church. They know that Mormonism is false. Still, they operate on a works-based kind of faith.”

“That’s the problem.” I said.

Georgia, my cat, jumped on to the couch and took way too long to find a comfortable position. She distracted me so that I almost missed the first part of Angie’s statement.

“…never been baptized in a Christian church, just a Mormon one. I can’t wear slacks to church as I always get told to wear dresses. And don’t get me started on the acts of service. Mom and dad just serve like they are the energizer bunny and expect me to do the same!”

“It’s been my experience,” I said to Angie, “That Mormons need to take that step to become baptized to make that symbolic declaration that they choose to believe in Christ. Otherwise, some just think Christianity is another denomination. It’s like they acknowledge it’s wrong on some level but still operate under the same rules and beliefs when they start attending a Christian church.”


“Yes.” I continued, “But don’t pressure them. Baptism has to come from the urging of the Holy Spirit. You can’t rush what God is doing in the person.”

Angie would have hugged me if she hadn’t dialed my number, and ended the call.


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